Thursday, October 22, 2015

Finish It Up Friday: Mini Mini #2

Howdy y'all! Friday is here! Today, I was supposed to be sharing the primitive quilt and its new binding since my sewing machine is all better. But plans change. When I sat down to sew, for some reason, the last thing I wanted to do was work on a binding. The pull of a finished quilt wasn't strong enough to overcome this random dread. So I did what seemed best: I played!

I've had several mini mini ideas bouncing in my head since I heard about them. I immediately imagined the Supernova pattern from Quilting Modern in the miniature! I knew I couldn't make blocks small enough to make an entire Supernova in a mini mini, but I wanted to give it a whirl! This isn't quite what I wanted, but it's a start and I had so much fun with it. I didn't touch my ruler once; I just cut and stitched without abandon and it was relaxing. I was sad to see the clock ticking down to the last few minutes of my sewing time when I started putting the little 'blocks' together.

It's so tiny and wonderful, I can't wait to put it on my wall once it's finished. :) Hope you've had a productive week, sewing or otherwise!

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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

I'm Back!!

Howdy y'all! So the sewing machine is back from the doctor today! YAY! I've been piddling with some hand sewing during my absence, but nothing worth sharing yet. Things have been exciting around here though despite a lack of quilty progress! If you've hung around this blog for a little while, you've probably gathered that our house is Mr. LBC and myself, along with LBC himself. A couple days after the sewing machine headed to the doctor, we had a new face join our family!
Hello world! My name's Elvis!
I work at a vet clinic and this fella came in as a recently adopted dog. He was nice to everybody, but he and I kicked it off right away. He spent about a week with the clinic before heading to his new home and, honestly, I was sad to see him go. But so is the life of a Vet Assistant! Imagine my surprise when I went into work a couple days later and he was there again! I thought something was wrong with him, but it turned out that the family's other dog didn't warm up to him like they wanted and they weren't willing to work on it more. So he was brought back to the clinic and put up for adoption again.
Sunning by the back door is the perfect time for a photo shoot!
Everybody assumed I would snatch him right up, but I didn't. My husband has been out of work so I was worried about being able to afford a dog, especially one of his size (50 pounds!). So I prayed about it. I just asked for a sign that he was meant to come home with us. And every financial obstacle that cropped up was taken care of somehow. So I took a leap of faith and brought him home.
LBC's face when he heard he was getting a new brother...and that his new brother was a dog!
It's been a major adjustment having Elvis with us, but Mr. LBC and I love him to death. LBC is still warming up to him, but at least he's not hissing and smacking the bejesus out of him anymore! Lol. I've been chasing him around like a toddler, trying to keep him from eating stray socks and couch cushions when we look away for a minute. In fact, I just grabbed a cotton swab out of his mouth right after I wrote that! Lol. 

I put my sewing machine through a few paces to finish quilting the quilt I was working on prior to the doctor's appointment and guys, the First Born is purring like a kitten! It's like a brand new machine and I'm in love all over again! :)

Glad to be back, I missed sewing and getting to talk with you guys! Happy Tuesday y'all! :)

Monday, October 5, 2015

Sad News...

I had plans to have a finished quilt ready to share early this week. I was quilting up a storm on Thursday, only to notice First Born (the nickname I gave my sewing machine, because it's like my first born child. Lol) wasn't acting quite right. It makes a few funny noises every now and then, but they go away within a row or so typically, so I don't worry. But this was different. If felt like things were sticking, not wanting to sew as smoothly as it should. At one point, I put the pedal to the floor and it was maybe going half speed. I finished my row and turned it off. And sighed.

Poor First Born... :(
The last thing I wanted or needed was my dear First Born to be unwell. I'm off later in the week, so I'm going to see how much a sewing machine doctor is going to cost. If I have the money, First Born will be fixed up right away, if not...well...I have two other machines in my possession that I'm going to try and get working. One is a newer Singer that was having issues from the time it as given to me (my MIL bought it at a yard sale where the previous owner swore it worked just fine. Yeah. Right.). The other is an old Singer I scored at a swap meet. I've never hooked it up, but it's a beauty. This might be just the right time to try it out for some piecing. I have a feeling quilting is going to have to be put on hold, but I'm hoping to have a replacement good enough for piecing so I can keep creating. If all else fails, I have my Orange Peels from long ago still in progress and EPP to keep me company, so I'll have something quilty to keep me company!

Have a good week y'all, hug your sewing machines!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Throwback Thursday: The First Baby Quilt

Howdy y'all, it's that time again! Jenn over at A Quarter Inch From the Edge is hosting Throwback Thursday, so it's time to dig into the past and see what we can find! Just a disclaimer, the pictures are less than superb! They were taken with a phone back before I started blogging!
Dear. Lord. Lol

When Jenn started TBT, she encouraged us to share the good, the bad, and the ugly. This quilt, for the most part, falls into the latter 2 categories I feel like. Despite that, I still smile when I think about this quilt. Mr. LBC and I got married last year (our 1 year anniversary was this past Sunday!) and for some reason, my newlywed brain thought it was a good idea to make all the kids in the family a quilt for Christmas...still not sure how that sounded like a good idea! Lol.

This little baby quilt was for my cousin's daughter who had just been born that summer. I...I know I said I liked busy baby quilts, but this one still burns my eyes a little bit where it's so bright and loud! LOL. When I made it though, I was so proud despite its mistakes. This was definitely a quilt only a baby could love. ;)
Before blogging, this was my signature picture of every quilt I made for some reason. Lol. It shows off the binding issues quite nicely. Bahahaha

This was full of firsts for me! First quilt I made after being married, first try at FMQ (oh, how terrified I was!) first time with applique. I'm still ridiculously proud of the name block with the little birds on it! It still had the usual issues (DARN BINDING TROUBLES!), so I was nervous to hand Layla's mom the bag for her to help her open it. I remember holding my breath as they pulled it out, everybody oohhhing and aaahhing. But I didn't breath until little Layla looked down at the quilt, let out a happy squeal and started smiling. When that happened, I finally finally took a breath of relief!
That font and those birds! I think this is my favorite applique so far!
I legit thought about cropping my head out of this. Lol. But I look so happy, I want to share. :)
Gawh, what a trip down memory lane... :) The link up is open over on Jenn's blog, be sure to add to the fun of looking back at our earlier quilting ventures! Thanks for reading!