Monday, May 21, 2018

Chemistry Lab Bench: A Finished Quilt

Howdy y'all! I'm back with a finish that took a little while to make. That's right, the girl who keeps saying 'I won't make big quilts' has made another big quilt. I just can't say no. LOL

This queen-sized quilt was commissioned by a coworker for her daughter. She finished her undergraduate degree this spring and will be starting grad school in the fall. The girl loves chemistry! And though I don't understand that (I HATED chemistry in college), I understand wanting a quilt to showcase something you're passionate about! She showed me a picture on Pinterest that linked to this interview on Craftsy. I looked high and low for a pattern or something similar, but turned up empty handed.
I just want to point out that I LOVE the background fabric, so fun! Also, I want to point out that I actually remembered to keep the print going in the right direction for all the piecing! :)
So I took this inspiration and drew up my own design based off the awesomness --- that makes it derivative, right? (I'm still trying to keep all the definitions straight when it comes to inspired work!). I had to simplify some elements, such as the shapes of the flasks and beakers, but I made things a little different by making each container have a different amount of 'liquid' in each. Everything is traditionally pieced because I don't know how to design a paper piecing pattern and it never dawned on me to learn how. Lol.

I had so much fun picking out of my stash for the rainbow of colors. It's amazing what gems I found when I started digging! :) The backing is a flannel with this awesome varying blue color scheme going on. This was the first time I bought an entire bolt of fabric, it was awesome! Hahaha!

Once again, I'm saying no more big quilts, but let's be honest. We know it'll happen again! ;)

Friday, May 4, 2018

Dainty Chaos: A Finished Quilt

Hey y'all! I've got a finish to share!

I scored this kit on Craftsy (not an affiliate link) because those fabrics are just lovely and it was a fantastic deal back when I bought it. They're a part of the Lily & Loom line and absolutely wonderful to work with! If you clicked the link, you'll notice my finished quilt is a bit different than what it should look like. That's because silly me misread the pattern and completely messed things up and didn't realize until I had sewn ALL the blocks together. So I did what any sane quilter would do and made some super colorful lemonade from those blocks! :) I absolutely love the dainty chaos that is this quilt!

The backing is actually the fabric they sent for binding with the kit, along with some charm squares that came free with my order. Still not sure why I got them, but I think it was because my order was over a certain dollar amount maybe? Regardless, I'm stoked that I was able to flesh out my backing with them and keep me from buying anything to finish this quilt!

I had no intended home for this quilt when I made it, I just made it for the joy of making. :) So I'm bringing it along to the handful of craft shows my friend invited me to set up at this spring. Hopefully somebody loves it enough to want to take it home! :)