Thursday, March 2, 2017

Finish It Up Friday: A Finish is a Finish, No Matter How Small!

Yikes, y'all! It feels like I blinked and February was gone! It zoomed by in a fun-filled blur, so I can't complain.
The crew and I enjoyed some very unseasonal warmth, catching some rays on the back porch.
It's back to cold and rainy now, but these days were ah-mazing!
We even made a new friend!
This is my new cousin! :)
I've been enjoying myself more than I have in a long time, and guys, it has felt so good. :)

And of course, part of that fun has been at my sewing machine! I finally got around to making a pixie basket! This tutorial was uber popular a while back, but I just never got around to making one back then. I use two layers of batting rather than batting and muslin, so mine is a little squishy, but it is still wonderful and I love it!

It's so cute and tiny!
I also made myself a little magnetic pin dish! I'm bad for dropping pins or keeping them in my mouth when I sew because I don't want to look at my pin cushion when I'm focused on sewing straight seams. I figured this may help since I just have to set it in the dish and the magnet will do the rest! This cost less than $5 to make (yay for coupons and sales at Hobby Lobby!) and most of the construction time was me dancing around waiting for the glue gun to heat up. Lol. I've used this and I love it so far!

Alsoooooo, I've been quilting the heck out of the Crown Royal quilt. I was terrified to start quilting this king sized monster, but besides some tension issues in the beginning, it's actually been really good. My machine has been amazing! I'm down to quilting the borders, then it will be time to bind and deliver! :D

So all in all, a very busy, very happy month! By mid-March, I may have some cool news to share, so keep your fingers crossed! Happy stitching, y'all!


  1. Everything you've been doing looks fun. What a cute new friend/cousin. Is Elvis jealous? I need to make a magnet pin dish as I'm always missing my pin cushion while sewing. Glad you are doing well, having fun in the sun. Quilty Hugs!

  2. What an awesome pin dish. Can't wait to see the Crown Royal finish. So glad to hear you've been enjoying yourself, and it seems you have found a new friend. Keep doing whatever you have been to stay happy.